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Investment Management Services

Advanced Capital Advisors, LLC is a fee-only investment advisor that provides asset management and investment planning for individuals, families, trusts and qualified pension accounts. Advanced Capital Advisors takes into consideration a client’s objectives and risk tolerance while trying to maximize a portfolio’s return. The level of Risk is an important factor in determining what is proper for the client in achieving their financial goals. Other factors that are important in building a portfolio are:

Performance Objectives
Management Tenure
Fees & Expenses
Tax Issues
Time horizon

By relying on these factors, we are able to:

Generate a consistent track record
Achieve competitive returns over time
Limit your downside exposure to economic and market fluctuations

We have the ability to offer our clients many investment options including access to:

Institutional class fund shares with significantly lower expense ratios
Load waived mutual fund shares with no front end sales or back end sales charges

As your Financial Professional, we will do everything in our power to keep you focused on your course to financial security, advise you on how to get there, and continually remind you of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to realizing your dreams.

Our success is measured by our client’s peace of mind in achieving their financial dreams.

The portfolio’s are continually monitored and we meet with clients quarterly to discuss necessary changes based on market conditions or rebalancing requirements. We provide internally generated performance reports for clients in an easy to read format.

Our success is further demonstrated by the firm’s client retention rate and continued customer loyalty.

Investment management services include:

Portfolio Principles and Strategy
Asset Allocation Modules
Cash Management and Retirement Distributions
Performance Assessment
Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Investment Management
Tax Management of Investments
Managed Equity and Fixed Income Portfolio’s

Comprehensive Financial Planning

When mapping a course of action to reach your financial goals, Advanced Capital Advisors can work with you to solve complex financial issues in areas such as retirement planning, risk management and insurance, and estate planning. 

A comprehensive financial plan includes evaluations in the following areas like:

Cash Flow Management

  • Budget Projections
  • Analyze Income and Expenses
  • Efficient Uses of Monies

Retirement Planning

  • Early Retirement Scenario’s
  • Effect of Inflation and Taxes on Retirement spending
  • Retirement Feasibility
  • Planning for Elder Care or Other Special Needs
  • Required Minimum Distribution Calculations

Investment Planning

  • Develop an Investment Policy Statement
  • Choosing an Asset Allocation Module
  • Performance Objectives and Diversification

Tax Planning

  • Tax Savings Strategies Pre and Post Retirement
  • Stock Option Exercising
  • Alternative Minimum Tax Issues

Estate Planning

  • Simple or Disclaimer Wills
  • Wealth Transfer Using Trusts
  • Estate Tax Implications
  • Beneficiary Designations
  • Gifting Techniques

Risk Management and Insurance Analysis

  • Analysis of Existing Insurance Policies and Adequacies of Coverage

College Planning

  • Funding Education Costs using Trust Accounts, 529 State Sponsored College Savings Plans or Other Tax- Advantaged Savings Plans